What’s Up In Korea This Week? [29. May]
2013 5월 29

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Cymera Tops 20mil. In Downloads

So Cymera is kind of a big deal now - they just topped 20 mil. in downloads.

We wrote about this earlier (maybe a week ago). On May 13, Cymera passed the 10 million mark in downloads outside of the Korean peninsula, proving popular in Thailand and Taiwan. SK Communications SNS affiliate said that the number of downloads recently surpassed the 20 million mark.

The spokeswoman for SK said that they will be adding photo-sharing SNS system, so that it will be able to attract more users (watch out, Pudding Camera and Instagram?). Female users take around 70% out of the user pool, so it will be interesting to see their "business know-how" put into use in marketing.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 12.34.55 PM

Zipbob's Event On June 2nd, AKA 'Global Sharing Day'

Sharing is caring. June 2nd is 'Global Sharing Day'. (Who decided that? Well, groups like 'The People Who Share' from England, 'Shareable' from America, 'Ouishare' from France etc all agreed on this). This year's theme is 'food'!

'Zipbob' is a promising Korean startup that arranges 'social dining' for people (you basically pick a day, pick a group, and share a meal together). Zipbob will be holding an event on June 2nd, adequately named '1 Day, 1 Hour, 1 Meal' across the country. You can register for it here (pity it's all in Korean though!).


Lost In Translation: LG Not To Manufacture Google Reference Smartphones? 

LG Electronics had a hard time this week when an executive member from the company seemingly implied that LG will not be taking a part in manufacturing Google reference smartphone anymore by saying, "there is no value in selling phones that do not have our logo on it... but still, we maintain a good relationship with Google".

LG Electronics clarified the situation by saying that this is simply not the case - an affiliate from the company said that there was a miscommunication between the interviewer (All About Phones, from the Netherlands) and the interviewee.

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