TIDE Institute: A non-profit to support entrepreneurship in Korea, inspired by Singularity University
2013 7월 23

TIDE (which stands for Technology Imagination Design Entrepreneurship) Institute is a non-profit organization supporting TIDE Instituteentrepreneurship and tech-based startups in Korea. TIDE Institute has various initiatives and programs to encourage and support entrepreneurs.

The four main initiatives of the TIDE Institute to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship:

TIDE Academy is a curriculum designed to encourage advanced, trailblazing startups. Some of the nation’s most inspiring speakers share their insights in cutting-edge technologies, global markets and design trends, and then participants build teams and invent their own business models within 10 weeks.

TIDE Workshop lets course participants make product prototypes, not only its shell but functions, by sharing knowledge of open source hardware and traditional/digital tool-enabled manufacturing techniques. They can learn how to use 3d printer, laser cutter, CNC machine and so on.

TIDE Insight is a membership seminar to discover advanced tech, design and global market industry leaders.

Startup Springboard is a 3 day competition to discover talented entrepreneurs as well as to build startup network in local and international cities.

TIDE’s operations depend mostly on donation and participants’ registration fee.

Motivation behind TIDE Institute and how it came about

“I have always pictured myself contributing for the growth of South Korean science and technology scene since long before. At Singularity University, I witnessed how advanced technologies and top-tier talent shape the startup environment in the U.S. There I met Tony Y. Lyu, who is my co-founder now at TIDE Institute. At Singularity University, industry gurus and startup founders gave us practical tips on how to run business, and some students get funded for their business ideas on the ground. It was easy to spot young people exchanging their business ideas at neighbourhood pubs. I envisioned Korean kids also might be able to grow passion for starting something new, rather than expecting to work for such conglomerates as Samsung, Hyundai etc.” said San Ko, Cofounder of TIDE Institute.

Startups that have been part of TIDE institute’s initiatives:

“Some remarkable stories are sprouting up one by one since TIDE’s launch,” added San Ko.

Some success stories:

Easy Tok, the team who joined Boston Startup Springboard Program, was given a grant of KRW 70M by the South Korean Government. Now they have successfully launched cosmetics manufacturing and distributions company called Amorist.

Blind Watch is another gem discovered in Boston; the team was one of the finalists at MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition and has founded local corporate since then.

Yelp Killer got funded USD 50K by local angel investor.

FabLab Seoul: Fabrication laboratory 

Fab Lab Seoul focuses aims to introduce people to making products using digital technologies and digital fabrication tools as laser cutter, CNC router and 3D printer. These digital tools enable kids or novice makers realize their concept ideas into working products.

Fablab Seoul 

San adds, “We believe personal manufacturing industry is soon to blossom here and want to build a South Korean version of open fabrication laboratory, an idea that was initially coined by MIT Media Lab and now 127 similar labs are successfully run in 36 different countries.”

Future plans

“We constantly look for chances to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship in South Korea. In order to accomplish our mission, we expect to launch our Startup Springboard program in more cities, so that South Korean startups to have better opportunities to connect with global resources and eventually are able to shoot for bigger markets. Also by running more fab labs in our local communities, we expect to commoditize DIY(Do-It-Yourself)/DIWO(Do It With Others) culture and digital manufacturing tools,” answers San Ko.

TIDE Institute website : http://tideinstitute.org/

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