This Korean Startup Is Capitalizing On K-Pop Fever, Attracts 1 Million Users in 7 months
2014 10월 27

In many countries KPop and other Korean cultural content, such as dramas and movies are all the rage. While much of this content is available on YouTube and services like DramFever and Viki, there is also a plethora of online music services tapping in to the popularity of KPop music.

Beat Packing Company is a new startup in the space that aims to bring KPop to the world through their online music streaming services. in the first seven months of operation the company has already attracted one million subscribers, with a 300% increase in audience figures, month on month.

Beat Pakcing Company's CEO, Su-Man Park, explained that while they are focusing on the Korean market for now, they have every intention of taking their service global in the future. "We are focusing on collecting listener data at the moment," he explained. " Then we will assess user patterns and behavior, related to their consumption of KPop music and optimize our services according to what our users really want. The next stage would be to take Beat Packing Company global."

Currently there are 150,000,000 songs available on the service, available for live streaming as singles or as part of curated playlists. Many famous singers and musicians are also pre-recording radio shows which are then made available on their personalized channels. They recommend music for their audience and are able to build their own fan base. It is reasonable to expect that these types of services for artists and record labels could become a business model in the future. Currently the company is making money through Ads.

More about Beat App: Beat App is a music player application for smart phones that enables users to listen to music on thier smartphone. In addition, users can make their own mixes by finding their favorite songs in the company's database. There is also a social element built in, which allows fans to listen to music with thier  friends or share playlists.

Overview of Services:

1. Make mixes from songs stored on your smartphone, according to genre and atmosphere
2. Listen to mixes that you made with your friends or send a Mix to your friends, with you featured as emcee.
3. Listen to your favorite music with your friends, as if you are listening to the radio.
4. Understand your friends' musical tastes at a glance and find new songs that you haven't heard before
5. Listen to mixes made by experts and KPop celebrities

Other Korean Startups leveraging the power of K-Culture and KPop:

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