Takeover Silicon Valley, beGLOBAL SF 2015 commences receiving start-up applicants
2015 8월 11


beSUCCESS a professional media company with a particular focus on startups, will be holding the beGLOBAL SF 2015 conference in San Francisco on October 15 and has commenced receiving applications to participate from startups for this years event.  

beGLOBAL SF 2015 is the sister event of beGLOBAL Seoul 2015, which was held in in Dondgdaemum DDP back in May.  The Seoul event is Asia's largest startup conference whilst the San Francisco event seeks to explore more innovative and practical means for global expansion.

This year marked the third anniversary for beGLOBAL Seoul which managed to successfully wrap up its May conference with 2,700 domestic and foreign investors as well as start-up related staff and ordinary guests. Approximately 500 people attended last years beGLOBAL 2014.  Despite the turnout being smaller than that of the Seoul conference, the predominately American audience presented a strong global networking opportunity with foreign investors.

Through its attendance at the beGLOBAL SF 2013, Korbit the first Korean Bitcoin start-up attracted a total of US$2.87 million (3.4 billion won) with investments from both Draper and Strong Ventures.  In addition, beGLOBAL SF 2014 became a vehicle for international market entry to startups such as Vingle, Bridge Mobile, KeuKey, Team Blind, and Spika through their participation at the event.   It was the cornerstone for Spika which services file sharing app Sunshine, and managed to build a network with the famous Accelerator 500 start-up though operating their booth at the beGLOBAL conference.  In turn this lead to their entry into the American market.

beGLOBAL SF like the sister event in Seoul, will serve many purposes: startup battle’ will provide an audition ground for start-up businesses; ‘start-up booths’ will provide an exhibition opportunity for the services and offerings of start-ups; and it will provide a wealth of start-up knowledge and insight through presentations delivered by five foreign speakers.

This year, particular emphasis has been placed on significantly increasing the introduction of services offered by domestic start-ups to international visitors. This beGLOBAL SF 2015 will be aimed at:

  • Technology based early start-ups
  • Start-ups preparing their entries into the North American and Global markets
  • Start-ups with registered legal entities or planning their registration of legal entity
  • Start-ups looking at gaining investor networks in the USA

Applications can be lodged by clicking this link:

All applications must be submitted in English

The initial applications will close by the 24th.  Although corrections to the application are possible till the closing date, questions must also be answered by this date.

The finalists will be announced by September 7th following a screening process.

Enquiries and questions may be made to the following number 070-4681-0074

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