Wearables, Med-Tech & Devices, and Mobile Gaming Come to The Fore at Sparklabs Third DemoDay in Korea
2014년 04월 10일

SparkLabs, a startup accelerator in Korea, hosted its third Demo Day in Seoul yesterday.  While startups in earlier batches were all based in Korea, the most recent session welcomed companies from Chicago, San Francisco, Tokyo and Seoul and sought to disrupt a wider range of industries from mobile music to wearable tech to professional online photo distribution, than previous batches which predominantly focused on mobile and e-commerce. This sets a trend which…

Korean Accelerator SparkLabs Recent Batch Graduates, Here’s Four of The Best
2014년 04월 10일

Review of The Best of Sparklabs Session 3 Startups, from beSUCCESS Writer Christine Bernard 1Day1Song is a Korean music discovery app. For a full day, the app will play a song from its artist of the day and will then display an exclusive background information provided by the performer. They have already launched on iOS with 64,000 users, and will launch on Android this summer. The app will also be launched in…