Introduction to Top 100 Korean Tech Startups You Should Know: Part 5
2014년 04월 04일

Finally, we’re back after some pause! It seems like we have some great lineup of startups for our list today. Some of the tech companies mentioned here are really hot in the Korean startup scene at the moment. I was personally impressed by these companies while writing the piece, and I’m sure you want to know them if you’re interested in Korean startups as well. If this is your first time reading…

Buddy Up Gamifies Your Social Diary
2013년 08월 22일

Buddy Up is a diary and journal service for users in their teens or early twenties. Unlike other diary services, Buddy Up offers a more gamified service that leads to fun and unexpected excitement when using. Last week we told you about the Korean startup WePlanet’s STEP Journal. This week we give you another Korean made diary/journal service but with a different twist. The key differentiator of Buddy Up from their competitors…

모글루, 내일비, 젤리코스터 GMIC의 G-Startup 출전
2012년 10월 05일

중국의 모바일 컨퍼런스 GMIC(Global Mobile Internet Conference)가 이번에는 실리콘밸리에서 열린다. G-Startup세션에 참가한 한국 스타트업으로는 모글루, 내일비, 젤리코스터가 있다. 현재 G-Startup Voting 페이지에서는 인기 투표가 진행중인데 출전 스타트업의 like 개수가 실제로 심사점수에 20% 반영된다고 하니 모두 힘찬 응원의 의미로 like를 눌러주길 바란다.