David Joo
Introduction to Top 100 Korean Tech Startups You Should Know: Part 5
2014년 04월 04일

Finally, we’re back after some pause! It seems like we have some great lineup of startups for our list today. Some of the tech companies mentioned here are really hot in the Korean startup scene at the moment. I was personally impressed by these companies while writing the piece, and I’m sure you want to know them if you’re interested in Korean startups as well. If this is your first time reading…

Interview With Seojoon Kim, Vice President Of KnowRe
  ·  2013년 06월 05일

Earlier today we talked about the rise of Korean startups… and what’s a better example than KnowRe? KnowRe is the recent Winner of Gap App Challenge (1st Place) 2013, Grand Prize Winner at Global K-Startup 2012, and Winner of Plug and Play Tech Center at beLAUNCH 2012? In much excitement, we interviewed the Co-Founder and Vice-President of KnowRe, Seojoon (Simon) Kim who was incredibly humble about this accomplishment. You can read our…