Korea’s Banks Foundation and Singapore’s JFDI Announce Partnership to Connect & Accelerate Startups Across Asia
2014년 05월 22일

Over the last year collaboration between the startup ecosystems in North and South Asia has seen greatly increased velocity as resources come together to enable the rising tide in Asian entrepreneurship to accelerate. And in recent days Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI), an accelerator based in Singapore, and the Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs (Banks Foundation) a community centre for Korean entrepreneurs in Seoul, have announced a partnership. This formal collaboration aims to…

Korean Startup ESTmob Behind File-sharing App Send Anywhere Raises $1M From Rakuten Ventures
2014년 05월 20일

Originally Posted by TechInAsia ESTmob, the Seoul-based team behind file-sharing app Send Anywhere revealed today it has completed a US$1 million seed round led by Rakuten Ventures. ESTmob co-founder Suhyuk Kang said that they will use the funding to expand their user-base around the globe and ramp up the app’s feature set. Send Anywhere delivers a basic, somewhat mundane utility to device owners. After one downloads the app, a user selects a…

500 Startups, Gangnam Style!
2014년 05월 08일

500 Startups: Asia is all about the mobile internet. And one particular country, home of amazing food and amazing connectivity has quietly been a technology leader not just regionally but worldwide. That’s right, I’m talking about Korea: home of 2NE1, PSY, Samsung, and a quickly growing tech startup scene. For a country of roughly 50 million people, Korea is disproportionately important in technology. Did you know that it was ranked second in the world…

Seven Top News Items From The Korean Tech Scene This Week
2014년 04월 15일

1. Samsung has released its latest Galaxy S5 smartphone and wearables in 125 countries around the world as it battles squeezed profits and challenges to its top market position. Such a large simultaneous launch is the biggest of its kind for any of its previous products. The previous generation S4, the best selling android phone ever, started selling in 60 countries, and the Note 3 was first released in 58 countries. 2….

Facts That Make The Korean Startup & Tech Environment One of The Most Interesting in Asia
2014년 04월 11일

This article gives a round-up of recent news from the Korean startup and tech environment. Please feel free to suggest updates and additional news. If you want to check out Korea for yourself, we suggest coming to Seoul, May 14-15, for beLAUNCH, Korea’s top tech and startup event. While the event is based in Korea we welcome startups from across the world and have secured a top line-up of global speakers who…

Discover Korea’s Top Startup Event in May: beLAUNCH Agenda Now Live!
2014년 04월 11일

May 14-15 sees the return of beLAUNCH, Korea’s top tech and startup event for the Global Entrepreneurship Community. This year the event will be held in the brand new and impressive Dongdaemun design Plaza in the heart of traditional Seoul. Now that we are only a few short weeks away from launching the event we are able to officially release the full agenda for the conference that features some of the biggest…

Foreigner vs Korean Apps: The review of “I Love Coffee”
2014년 03월 26일

Since 2011, PatiGames has been making Korean Mobile Applications. This is a review of their game I love Coffee. In the game, you serve customers coffee, clean up and even make coffee. It runs kind of like Diner Dash. The concept is actually quite good and it has the potential to be a great game. The Good This game has a wonderful graphic interface. It is reminds me of the gameboy interface….

Calling Asian Manufacturers in Internet of Things, Wearables, and Hardware Innovation: Showcase At beLAUNCH for FREE
2014년 03월 19일

Asian Manufacturers in Internet of Things, Wearables, and Hardware Innovation Showcase At beLAUNCH for FREE Apply here This year beLAUNCH is giving Asian hardware manufacturers a chance to showcase their most innovative products at beLAUNCH, May 14-15 in Seoul, for free. We are providing hardware manufacturers and those at the cutting edge of hardware, wearable tech, and the internet of Things (IOT) an opportunity to demonstrate their products in a special ‘Innovation…

beLAUNCH, Asia’s Top Startup Event in Seoul – Speaker Highlight
2014년 03월 19일

Preparation for beLAUNCH, Korea’s top event for tech entrepreneurs in Asia, is well under way. It’s now time to break under the surface of the event to uncover the content that will cement the third annual beLAUNCH in Seoul as one of the stand-out events in the startup calender in Asia. A good conference relies on top quality content crafted carefully around a superb line-up of world-class speakers. Below is a highlight…

beLAUNCH Spotlight: Event Themes At NE Asia’s Top Startup & Entrepreneurship Event
2014년 03월 18일

beLAUNCH 2014 is shaping up to be everything we have promised, NE Asia’s foremost tech startup and entrepreneurship event. This post highlights some of the themes you can expect from the event, and don’t forget to book your early bird tickets before the end of March for the best prices Click here. Tech Trends: This year beLAUNCH will be tackling some of the hottest themes in tech. It has been seven years…

Startup Asia Returns To Singapore May 7 and 8 2014
2014년 03월 13일

Following the success of TechInAsia’s previous Startup Asia event held in Jakarta last November,, Asia’s largest English-language technology and startup blog in Asia, is gearing up for another round of conference with Startup Asia Singapore 2014. The event will be held May 7-8, right in the heart of Biopolis, Singapore’s deep tech research center. Startup Asia Singapore 2014 will feature, as seen at last year’s Jakarta event, a conference, a Startup…

Last Chance to Apply for JFDI’s Current Session, Asia’s Top Accelerator in Singapore
2014년 02월 20일

The application period for JFDI’s next session is open, but only for a few short days, before decisions are made about which founders will join the program this time around. Apply here now. In the past year JFDI has worked with 19 teams from all over Asia and as program Director, Ray Wu, looked back on his experience leading entrepreneurs he realized the importance of what JFDI is doing to build the startup community in…

Korea’s No. 1 Tech Startup Event From beSUCCESS is Open! Join beLAUNCH 2014, May 14-15 2014 in Seoul
2014년 01월 24일

beSUCCESS, Korean startup media organization, events organizer, and global connector is happy to officially announce that their flagship startup event, beLAUNCH, is back in 2014 in a year that is already heating up to be one of the most promising for Korean, Asian, and Global entrepreneurship. The event will be held May 14 – 15 at the brand new Dongdaemun Design Plaza in the heart of Seoul. In addition, this year there…

More Than 300 Teams Apply For Asia’s Best Accelerator : JFDI Gearing Up For Their Next Class
2013년 08월 02일

JFDI’s 2nd program for 2013 is scheduled to start on 29 August and the first confirmed participating team is Vault Dragon, from Singapore. They will be joined by 10-12 other teams, drawn from over 1,400 individuals who registered interest. In exchange for a minority equity stake, every team will receive a package including $11,700 cash, mentoring valued at $117,000, technical and other vendor perks worth $234,000 and working space for the duration of…

교육 스타트업의 성공 지름길, 아시아를 무대로!
  ·  2013년 05월 14일

뛰어난 기술과 서비스는 교육의 발전에 영향을 끼친다. 전 세계 중 특히 아시아 지역은 소비자, 인터넷, 온라인 교육에 대한 의지가 대단하기 때문에 대부분이 인터넷을 사용하고 온라인 교육을 선호한다. 아시아 지역의 교육 기업 정착에 관한 좋은 성과를 기대할 수 밖에 없다.   교육 분야의 창업자라면 알고 넘어가자! – 교육 분야의 창업자들은 교육의 ‘가치’를 재정립 할 필요가 있다고 한다. 사실은 ‘비용’의 문제이다. – 인터넷 사용량도 사실 상관 없다. – 향후 20년 안에 교육 시스템을 바꾸고자 하는 의지가 있다면, 교육 분야에 진출을 계속 준비해도 좋다. – 미국에서는 저소득층 아이들을,…

James가 본 아시아 스타트업계의 4가지 트렌드
2012년 12월 12일

최근 일본 글로벌브레인 투자사가 주최한 GBAF 컨퍼런스와 중국 테크노드가 주최한 오픈웹아시아(* 2008년 첫 발기인은 한국인 타파스틱 김창원 대표)를 다녀왔다. 짧은 기간이지만 아시아 Tech/Startup 계에서 느낀 생각을 공유하고자 한다.