Japanese Internet Startup Investor CyberAgent Ventures Opens Korea Office and Fund
2012년 07월 05일

CyberAgent Ventures, headquarted in Tokyo which is a subsidiary of CyberAgent, Inc. has announced that it will establish its new office in Seoul,Korea in August 2012.

Product Review: Z1 Contacts Backup Restore
2012년 07월 03일

This article is cross-posted from our media partner YourStory.in. Z1 Contacts app was launched by Indian startup Optinno at beLAUNCH 2012 in Korea.

Japanese Photo-sharing App Snapdish Launches on SK Planet’s T Store and Qiip
2012년 06월 26일

Vuzz, the Japanese startup which is behind the food photo sharing app ‘SnapDish’,has launched SnapDish for Android on Korea’s largest app market “T store” and the Japanese market “qiip” both operated by South Korea’s SK planet. SK planet will be cooperating in promoting SnapDish to the users of both app markets.

AWS re:Invent 2012 – Call for Presentations
2012년 05월 10일

Amazon Web Services’ first global customer and partner conference, AWS re:Invent 2012 is scheduled from November 27 – 29, 2012 at The Venetian in Las Vegas, US.

Indonesian Startup Gobann Co-founded by Seoul National University Senior Shawn Byun
2012년 05월 08일

Gobann is an online marketplace, based in Indonesia for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and even professionals, to trade creative talents at a fixed price of Rupiah 50,000. Shawn Byun who was born in Korea and was brought up in Indonesia answers a few questions about their entrepreneurial venture. Shawn has also co-founded an application developing team called Tangible Idea that has developed South Korea’s first mentoring application, MEEPLE, derived from MEEting and PLacE (or peoPLE).

2012 Start-up scene in South Korea
2012년 05월 02일

As there are more and more startup companies diving into the global market, a lot of large firms from all over the world are paying attention to them. We at beSUCCESS give you a glimpse into the South Korean startup ecosystem by sharing of 3 successful Korean startups.

Between by South Korean Startup VNVC Chosen Best Mobile App at The Next Web’s 2012 Conference
2012년 04월 28일

Between, an app by South Korean startup VNVC (Value Creators & Company) has been judged the best mobile app at The Next Web’s 2012 Conference in Amsterdam. ‘Between’ is a mobile service that provides a private community to share with your significant other. Between provides quick chat between couples, a photo album and message functions.

Time Unveils Its 10 New York Startups to Watch in 2012 List
2012년 04월 26일

Time Inc. unveiled its second annual list of the 10 NYC Startups to Watch for 2012. The startups will be recognized at a special event on Wednesday, May 16th, as part of Internet Week New York 2012.

Facebook Buys Part of Microsoft’s AOL patents for $550 million
2012년 04월 24일

Microsoft and Facebook announced today that Microsoft will assign to Facebook the right to purchase a portion of the patent portfolio it recently agreed to acquire from AOL. Facebook has agreed to purchase this portion for $550 million in cash.

US Venture Capital Investment Off to a Slow Start in 2012 First Quarter
2012년 04월 21일

U.S.-based companies raised $6.3 billion through 717 venture capital deals during the first quarter of 2012, an 18% decline in capital and 9% decline in deals from the same period last year, according to Dow Jones VentureSource. The median amount invested in a financing round fell 13% to $4 million in the first quarter of 2012.

April 12th Last Date to Apply for The Bees Awards, the First International Social Media Marketing Awards
2012년 04월 05일

The Bees Awards is the first international social media competition honoring communication and marketing professionals. In its 3rd year, The Bees Awards have increased the number of categories to 26 .

Amazon Web Services Launches “The Lean Cloud” Program for Start-Ups in Asia Pacific
2012년 04월 03일

Program brings the AWS Cloud to the ecosystem of start-ups, venture capitalists, business incubators to help start-ups accelerate their business Amazon Web Services (AWS) launches its regional “The Lean Cloud” program at the Australian Technology Park (ATP) in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday, April 3, 2012. Dr Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer of Amazon, will be delivering an opening keynote on how aspiring start-ups can use AWS Cloud to power a lean lifecycle…

Meet the Eleven Gaming Related Startups Chosen by Microsoft’s Kinect Accelerator
2012년 04월 03일

Microsoft has announced the startups that will be taking part in the Kinect Accelerator 2012. The Kinect Accelerator is a Microsoft Accelerator powered by TechStars, leveraging the successful TechStars model.

[TechCrunch] Shaker ; 새로운 페이스북 네트워킹의 길을 열 수 있을까?
2011년 09월 15일

Shaker는 이스라엘 출신의 스타트업 팀으로 페이스북에 일어나는 가상의 소셜 활동들을 실제 바, 콘서트장, 해변가 등 현실에서 움직이는 것과 같은 느낌의 페이스북 앱을 TechCrunch에서 론칭했다. 첫 피칭 때 촛불과 와인을 무대에 설치해서 실제 바와 같이 무대를 연출하여 청중의 시선을 끌기도 했다. Shaker는 페이스북 데이터와 프로파일을 이용하여 움직이는 아바타를 운영하는 것이다. 아래 사진에서 보듯이 실제 개인 페이스북 사진이 아바타 위에 나타나고 바에서 얘기하듯 주변 사람들에게 다가가서 말을 걸 수 있다. 예를 들어 테크크런치 현장에서…

글로벌 진출을 꿈꾸는 START-UP 들이여 DEMO로 오라!
2011년 06월 01일

DEMO 소개DEMO(http://www.demo.com/)는 새로운 회사와 기술을 런칭하기 위한 최고의 포럼이다.스타트업 단계의 기술기업들을 위해 이 업종의 영향력있는 사람들과 동료들 그리고 자금의 원천등을 제공하는 유일한 기회로서 데모 컨퍼런스는 매년 미국에서 두 번, 중국에서 한번씩 개최되고 있다. 비즈니스 리더의 IT 의사 결정권자들, 기업가들 그리고 투자자들이 데모에서 트렌드를 발견하고 새로운 기술들을 확인할 수 있는 공간으로서 해외로의 홍보 노출 benefit과 가치 있는 비즈니스 관계들을 형성한다. 동영상 더보기 DEMO의 컨퍼런스 포맷각각의 회사는 어떻게 제품이 세상을 바꿀것인지 DEMO stage에서 6분동안의 시간이…