StoryGem – Location Based Social Network That Lets You Share and Find ‘Gems’
2012 8월 2

StoryGem is a location-based social network service that enables users to discover new friends by sharing their best memories in a geographic area. As some users hide or make 'gems' by sharing their stories, others will find these 'gems'. StoryGem is designed for the mobile users to easily post their stories to their Facebook timeline with location tags. The service thus enables users to record their memories and gather information. Finding gems is a gamification element in this service.

StoryGem is available for the iPhone and they will be launching their Android app soon. Fobikr has worked with the Korea Aeronautic Space Agency on Location based service project in the past. Fobikr is the startup behind the app StoryGem. Fobikr also has a magazine app called ‘The Magazine application’ which is the most famous magazine platform in Korea.

JongOk Ko, CEO and Founder of Fobikr worked at the Research Center for Ubiquitous Computing System of the ministry of Information and Communication and KTF (Korea Telecom Freetel). He received the Korea Venture Award and also won an official commendation by the Small Business Administration and Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development. JongOk answers a few questions about the location based social network.

How is StoryGem different from other location based services?

Traditional location-based services are focused on users’ point of interest (POI) to check-in and leave tracks. POI is the most critical information and based on number of track-backs certain locations become popular. However StoryGem locates personal gems regardless of POI on the map, gems are based on personal mood and feeling. The service focuses on recording or pinpointing personal memories and also helps to discover and find others’ memories if it is open to everyone.

Examples of how users will use the app?

For example, if a user leaves a gem in Paris, France (Location) for future plan to travel (Behaviour), then StoryGem users who find it can start to communicate with the first user. If a student in Paris finds its gem stone, then the person could leave a message like “if you visit Paris, I will guide you”. If a user leaves a personal happy (Mood) experience in Africa (Location), then other visitors may find out what were the aspects of the pleasant experience and experience it themselves. Based on distinctive location, people could connect with each other. Rather than sharing ratings on different restaurants, people will share experiences and emotions.

How will you monetize this service?

StoryGem has various elements of gamification, and monetization through in-app Purchase is currently being planned. First, if you want to find gems that are not around in your vicinity, you can teleport to other areas by exchanging your fame point you have saved or purchase teleport item through in-app purchase. Also, StoryGem is planning to conduct sales on variety of items including special "Radar" which can search a wider area or popular people.

Above all, StoryGem is preparing to conduct a Platform Business. The center of gravity of the SoLoMo, a portmanteau for Social-Local-Mobile, which receives the most attention, is likely to move to Location-Based Service naturally. Small game businesses need big capacity to develop Location-Based Service. StoryGem(=Fobikr) will start Location-Based Platform Business providing openAPI of location based service server that we have secured, and will support other social game companies to develop Location-Based Games without any difficulties.

Click here to visit the StoryGem website and check out the app.

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