Indonesian Startup Gobann Co-founded by Seoul National University Senior Shawn Byun
5월 8, 2012

Gobann is an online marketplace, based in Indonesia for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and even professionals, to trade creative talents at a fixed price of Rupiah 50,000. Some examples include translation services, tips, graphic design, editing, coding – the opportunities are endless. The fixed price point will provide an array of different services that users may exchange, based on the capitalization of talents that are specific to each unique individual. For example, a DJ might post that he is willing to create a mixed playlist of the latest house music – he will be utilizing his professional talent and capitalize them in a large online space.

Gobann was founded by three partners: Michael N. Luhukay who is the CEO of Gobann and graduated from Babson College; Teddy Koentjoro who is the COO of Gobann and graduated from Swiss German University and Shawn Byun who is the CMO and is a senior at Seoul National University. Shawn Byun who was born in Korea and was brought up in Indonesia answers a few questions about their entrepreneurial venture.  Shawn has also co-founded an application developing team called Tangible Idea that has developed South Korea’s first mentoring application, MEEPLE, derived from MEEting and PLacE (or peoPLE).

How did the idea for Gobann come about?

Having had the sour experience in organizing the first venture, the partners were brainstorming for other ideas that could have a great impact in the Indonesian startup space. The idea of an online marketplace for micro jobs came about rather fortuitously and through market studies. Additionally, we realized there were no online spaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers and even professionals to trade and capitalize on their creative talents.

When did you launch it? Will it have an English interface too?

Gobann has soft launched as of May 1, 2012. Yes, we are planning to have an English interface in the near future; however, we are planning to focus on the Indonesian Market and gradually gain presence to further expand to neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia where Englishis an official language.

You are from Korea, what motivated you to launch a startup in Indonesia?

I was born in Korea, but was raised in Indonesia for the majority of my life prior to matriculating at SNU. I am particularly proud of acting on my interest for the entrepreneurial world. I am always on the lookout to dive into opportunities to turn an idea into something tangible. To pursue this interest, I formed a team with partners and created an online marketplace for “creative services,” which is now a registered business in Indonesia. It was a challenge forming a business while juggling school, but I am proud of not giving up and achieving my goal through dedication and determination.

Click here to visit Gobann website ( In Indonesian)

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