Small step for Shakr, Big step for Korea
2012 12월 5

On the 4th December, Shakr, a Korean startup company received fundings from the Super Angel Fund, 500 Startups for the first time. This is a huge milestone for Korean startup companies, with an even bigger implication for the Korean startup ecosystem.

Shakr an app service that enables its users to make videos without having to put it on a social media or by using existing images in the cloud service. By simultaneously pulling in related images and video snippets around the web and provides editing tools and visual transitions, it gets rid of unnecessary time spent on editing, encoding, and research.

David Y. Lee, the Founder of Shakr, said that its video templates, auto-conversion technology and the level and quality of broadcast templates attracted the investment (

500 Startups has been funding over 300 startup companies in the United States and around the world but this is the first time they funded a Korean company. They will be a great asset for helping Shakr going global – and others down the road.

Shakr media is developing a video making service which is expected to be unveiled at the Open Web Asia event on December 10th in Hainan, China, which beSUCCESS will also be participating in.

beSUCCESS is anticipating the next step for Shakr - receiving funding is a “small step” for Shakr (as Lee said), but it’s a big step for the Korean startup companies and startup ecosystems.

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