WeMade Entertainment’s Candy Pang hits jackpot
10월 6, 2012

According to the Korean investment consultancy E-trade Investment, the mobile puzzle board game ‘Candy Pang’ developed by WeMade is rapidly advancing through the ratings board; on the 1st of October which marked the first week of launching, it set the record of whopping 6,000,000 downloads and it was increased to a further 8,000,000 all within three days. Also, the daily sale rate hit the 100 million Won mark (approx. USD 90,000) and after only two days it was doubled to a 200 million Won (approx. USD 180,000).

Furthermore, an employee of the investment consultancy advised that one should consider investing in WeMade’s subsidiary company, Joymax despite their low aggregate market value of the common stock. Candy Pang’s developer company LinkTomorrow is Joymax’s subsidiary company. He further explained that considering that Joymax has daily sales of KRW 50 million (approx. USD 45,000) and quarterly sales of KRW 4.5 billion(approx. USD 4,050,000), the emergence of the game Candy Pang means jackpot to a small company with quarterly sale rates of KRW 6.5-7 billion(approx. USD 5,850,000 – USD 6,300,000) and the daily sale rate of KRW 2 million (approx. USD 1800).

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