New stereoscopic technology ‘Sound Ball’ promises extraordinary breakthrough
10월 11, 2012

The new stereoscopic technology ‘Sound Ball’ being developed in South Korea revealed that they have developed a system where virtual speakers can be placed anywhere – even right next to your ear.

Home Theatre systems require that multiple stereos be installed at many places; space constraints and wiring make this a cumbersome process . Now, with the new system being developed by a team at KAIST, multiple speakers will be incorporated  in a single Sound Ball.

The team led by Professors Yanghan Kim and Jungwoo Choi revealed that this new system will incorporate as many as 24 speakers into as few as 5 speakers; an extraordinary breakthrough considering the current market where the Japanese NNK system – that uses 22 speakers and 2 woopers – is considered ‘best’.

With a simple installment of, for example, 7~8 speakers underneath the TV, you can place these ‘Sound Balls’ wherever you want. This means that the new technology will bring you the whole orchestra that fits inside your living room – or even a mosquito right next to your ear when you’re watching a 3D movie!

The ‘Sound Ball’ technology is currently being developed and will enter the commercial field soon.

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