Samsung’s rush to the top: what does the future hold for Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 10.1?
10월 12, 2012

Samsung Electronic’s Smartpad ‘Galaxy Note 10.1’ sales have gone through the roof; its daily sales rate of 1800 sales per day well exceeds the number of iPads sold per day of a mere 500.  Given that the sales of the iPad series’ exceeded the Galaxy tab series by 24 times, this phenomenon is unusual yet anticipated.

Galaxy Note 10.1 implemented a new technology, S Pen’ which enables you to take notes easily. This feature is gaining popularity in the education and corporate markets.

It seems that recent talks of the Apple’s ‘iPad Mini’ will be countered by Samsung’s ‘Galaxy 3S Mini’ which will be launched in Germany on the 11th. Equipped with high-end technology and the dual-core CPU capacity equivalent to that of iPhone5, Jellybean 4.1 that is used in the newest Android, 4-inch screen that meets Europe’s demand, and the competitive price, the new Galaxy 3G Mini seems like a strategic move against the iPhone 5.

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