Samsung Electronics sets its goal to be the biggest consumer electronics brand globally
10월 10, 2012

CEO of Samsung Electronics CE, Boo-Keun Yoon outlined Samsung's goal to be the 1st choice for consumer electronics by 2015. He said that he plans to develop what is called a ‘1st DNA’ in Samsung household appliances, and will do so by firmly placing the Samsung refrigerator as the most preferred in the world, before moving on to washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and air conditioners. They have also planned to make their TV range the most preferred this year and next year.

He claimed that they sell 10,000 refrigerators every month, and after IFA there have been orders from the Middle East. He also said the number of TVs they have sold and will sell will exceed 50,000,000 and that the global market will see a 5% increase of market growth in sales.

"The TV market will be centered on the global demands and emerging markets. There will be an opportunity even when people think the economy is going down" Yoon said.

It remains to be seen how this ambitious plan of Samsung will turn out.

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