Political Campaigns in Korea Take to Live Broadcasting Platform USTREAM
4월 23, 2012

USTREAM, a live interactive broadcast platform launched a Korean language version in March 2012 which followed a partnership between USTREAM Asia, which is owned by Softbank, and KT Corporation. BeSuccess caught up with Jimmy Kim, CEO of the Korean service to learn more about their launch and their plans.

How big is the Korean live streaming market/audience?

Global live streaming market is growing exponentially. For instance, USTREAM was certified by Guinness World Record Book for the record breaking 4 million hours uploaded videos per month on USTREAM platform in 2011. CISCO reports in 2010 forecasted that Korean mobile data traffic will grow 108% every year on average between 2009 and 2014.

What are some of the Korea specific features/services at USTREAM?

Koreans are very demanding when it comes to services and quality. It is challenging to meet expectations like high quality visual resolution and quality content.

When it comes to content of USTREAM Korea service, one of focused categories of USTREAM Korea service in 2012 will be rich political campaign content, as Koreans voted for General Elections in April and will vote for the Presidential Election in December 2012. Further premium K-POP and other content will be distributed via USTREAM Korea and USTREAM global. We are also working on generating content related to Olympics and YeoSu World Expo which will be held from May to August in Korea. In the long term, USTREAM Korea will differentiate its services and features by having HD quality video content via KT’s premier network and cloud services & extensive premier Korean content which will include less recognized genres.

Response so far since the launch...

Ever since USTREAM Korea launched its service on the 20th March 2012, we have seen thousands of viewers using USTREAM.  As I mentioned earlier, because of the political season, USTREAM Korea has enabled a real-time online live political campaign trend. All 3 major political parties are active users of USTREAM Korea. Numerous candidates and incumbent congressmen are avid users and promote their campaign by using USTREAM Korea service. Also various B2B clients, from enterprises like KT to pay TV channels such as Korea Economy Daily’s WOWTV and Channel IT to various event/marketing firms are making use of USTREAM Korea service. Terrestrial content providers will be part of USTREAM Korea’s content providers group soon. We have also seen lot of amateur & semi-professional broadcasters using USTREAM Korea as well as small businesses like pet cafés, dance clubs etc use USTREAM.

With high quality broadband and telecommunications networks, live streaming and broadcasting is a sector that is poised to do very well in South Korea. We will keep you posted on various developments in this space. Do share your thoughts by writing to us.

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