Pantech Attracts Korean Students with Smartphone Vera R3
10월 24, 2012

The 2013 Korean SAT is about to begin soon. Pantech is exploiting this opportunity by attracting examinees with a new smartphone model named ‘Vega R3’, selling more than 3000 a day on an average.

The Vega R3 has many useful features and functions for students. One of them is called “Mini Window” function. Mini Window allows students to go online and search while taking an online lesson. In addition, while taking video courses, students can use the dictionary function or note function. This multi-tasking feature helps students efficiently manage their time. Furthermore, when students are watching English programs, the subtitle is rendered automatically so that students do not have to use a dictionary.

The Vega R3 has been gaining huge attention because of its innovative functions, features and its practical applications in real life. Experts take optimistic views for the future of the Vega R3. We will now have to see if Pantech will recapture the No.2 place in the smartphone market in Korea which they are aiming at.


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