Czech Startup Belladati Wants to Reinvent Analytics
10월 9, 2012

BellaDati is a cloud app which rollouts analytics, reporting, dashboards and data warehouse to the whole company. Managers consume and comment charts in reports via iPad or other smart devices. Business analysts drill-in and slice data to better understand the customers. Reports are made ad-hoc and shared individually, with teams or whole departments. Build in search finds the important report you are looking for. You can also export reports into the offline PowerPoint presentation.

BellaDati BI business report

Instant connectivity to the business data is provided via built-in connectors covering major databases and web services, SAP, SalesForce, Google Docs or large Excel. BellaDati is a BI platform that can embed live reporting into your enterprise web applications without coding or via public APIs. Social user interface makes your business KPI driven.

Belladati launched their Korean version and entered the Korean market at beLAUNCH 2012 in June. “Since Korea is very promising market for data analytic, I believe BellaDati supported by local service providers is going to be a killing combination for retail, semiconductors and telco business data analysis struggle. I see also a huge potential in automated processing of social network games data in this region. Beside the Korea we are looking for new partners in Hong-Kong, Singapore and Australia who could resell and provide data analytics and integration services based on BellaDati Platform onsite. We see also interest of customers and extending partnership network in India” says Belladati CEO Martin Trgiňa.

BellaDati is focused on the business user. You obtain a complete solution with a low integration costs. BellaDati has its own data warehouse bundled with analytics and visualization features. User can mix data from CRM with those from accounting, Google Docs, Facebook, Oracle, MySQL, SAP and other without writing a single line of program code.

The end-users are given business interface for viewing reports even from devices like iPad and can share and comment chars in environment they call social network for business data analytics. Belladati can be used to perform hardcore analytics based on your key performance indicators which is not provided by competitors focused only on visualization.

BellaDati mobile module Piccolo on iPad

The lowest application layer is a BI platform for developers who can use number of REST APIs to build their own analytics application with usage of BellaDati components. BellaDati is developed to have very fast integration and pilot setup. You can start using BellaDati with your data at a fragment of the traditional BI solutions cost.

Belladati has got 2 partners dedicated to reselling and technical support in Seoul, Bizcom and Osskorea. For the Korean market they have introduced BellaDati Piccolo mobile extension for Samsung and android devices. BellaDati Piccolo for android devices can be downloaded from GooglePlay here.

Currently they are establishing sales and analytics offices in San Francisco. On November 6 2012 they are launching  BellaDati for financial services at Finovate in Singapore.

Check out the Korean website of Belladati here:

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