How will LG spend its 19 billion USD investment?
2013 1월 9

As mentioned in the Weekly News (9.Jan), LG will be spending 20 trillion KRW (appx. 19 billion USD) in 2013.

LG has set a record for internal investment. Last year they spent 16.8 trillion KRW as opposed to this year’s 20 trillion KRW. The investment will be spent to build more manufacturing lines, strengthen R&D activities, and fund M&As.

Out of 20 trillion KRW, approximately 14 trillion will be spent to expand factory lines, compared to the 11.8 trillion won that was used last year.

3.5 trillion KRW will be spent on the chemical arm of LG, such as LG Chem and LG Hausys.

3.1 trillion KRW will be spent to the telecommunications arm of LG – LG Uplus. LG Innotek will also boost its capacity for camera modules.

They will also be investing heavily in flexible displays, OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diode) and oxide thin-film transistor technologies.

beSUCCESS will be writing more on the movements LG will be making this year with regards to Samsung and the TV industry, so keep your eyes peeled!

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