Korean Startup Easyworks Universe Wants You To Share Your Portfolio With Visumé
2013 8월 29


Visumé is a new kind of resume and portfolio management tool with a visual and mobile approach. Whilst LinkedIn is stiff and rigid, Visumé targets a more creative audience, namely designers and artists. In times of globalization and the rise of mobile connectivity, and in a climate when more people than ever are freelancing, Easyworks Universe saw the need for a better way to connect individuals and their prospective employers.

“The brilliance of our service is that it fills a critical gap between designers and the people who hire them, acting as a resume and portfolio management tool for recruiters and enterprise users”, Seri Sheen, co-founder/CEO of Easyworks Universe said. Once people begin using the service, an ecosystem of work sharing and identifying candidates will be created.

Along with the ability to create visual profiles with photos and videos, Visumé includes a location-based search, which allows users to scan profiles in a defined area, such as a large conference hall. Each profile also has a referral system in which users can comment on talents listed by the profile creator. Easyworks Universe is currently focused on targeting design and art students who need to share their portfolio. They are also targeting hiring managers and recruiters who want to hire design students. Visumé uses a freemium service where anyone can create their portfolio but will charge an additional fee to access contact information of prospective employees and partners. Industry-tailored templates, talent matching and B2B services will also be key components to monetize. Easyworks Universe is currently a seed-funded company with investment of over $500,000 USD from Korean angels, Qualcomm Ventures and DSC Investment.

Easyworks plan to attract their target users by advertising on industry-related websites such as DeviantArt and by directly marketing at design and art schools throughout the United States. They will also directly market to recruiting and HR professionals who need to find talent in visual industries, as well as rolling out social marketing campaigns to ensure rapid uptake in the months after release.

Going global
Easyworks Universe recently accompanied beSUCCESS to Israel as one of ten Korean startups that won the chance through the ‘K-APP Global Hub Program’ to go to Israel for an intensive week of seminars, business matching and networking. “Korea and Israel have a lot in common, but their business cultures are completely different. Israelis are very direct, and they move very quickly. Koreans tend to take a little bit more time. There are advantages to both methods, and I think business people in the two countries could learn a lot from one another”, Sheen said. The other co-founder, Lee added, “We hoped to learn a about the way Israeli startups are run, and how their business models work. We were also on the lookout for any possible technologies we could add to our app like the ability to manipulate 3D models on your iPhone,” he went on before saying that they made a lot of connections that they may be able to use when Visumé gain more traction. There is also some exiting partnership resulting from the trip to Israel but nothing finalized yet”, he said. Things are exiting at the office of Easyworks Universe who’s Visumé, which was previously named Planet Jack, is set for a launch the 4th of September this year.

More about this article series
The KAPP article series will cover each of the 20 startups that took part in the KAPP Global Hub Program, which took Korean startups to two global startup hubs, and is followed with a series of targeted workshops to ensure that the relationships and experience gained during the overseas trips was fully leveraged. 10 startups went to Singapore to discover the South East Asian markets, build partner relationships and gain investment for global growth. The other 10 companies went to Israel to engage with, and learn from, experts in one of the World’s most prolific high-tech centres.

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