Galaxy Note II: its implications for Samsung and whether it will lead to a new litigation battle between Samsung and Apple
2013 1월 3

Samsung sold its millionth Galaxy Note II in Korea just over 90 days after its launch, in September. This means that Galaxy Note II’s domestic and global sales now reached 5 million units.

"I am your father."

Let’s compare this with Galaxy Note 1. In its early phase sales, it took Samsung 10 months to reach 10 million sales. We expect that Galaxy Note II will achieve the same feat in 4-5 months given the current momentum. Also, Galaxy Note II was released in the same model version through fie US telecom carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular, unlike its predecessor.

What makes Galaxy Note II so popular? Well, surprise surprise – thanks to a variety of applications (plus S pen- it is a round-end stylus that makes it easier to draw and write with precise control), it seems that its popularity will continue. Let’s not forget that the Galaxy Series dominated Korea with regards to Korea’s search for mobile devices. You can read the story here. We will also be doing a story on the anticipated litigation (yes, another one) between Samsung and Apple with regards to the stylus pen very soon. Korea’s quite heated up on this debate and beSUCCESS will see to it that we feed this information to you, so watch this space!

So: what does this mean for Samsung? Samsung is seen gaining shares thanks to these ‘phablets’ (phone-tablet hybrid devices) – however, a Barclays report said that by 2014, Apple would fire back with new iPhones by 2014. These will no doubt affect the competitive dynamic of the mobile device market.

beSUCCESS citizens, I’m afraid that we are indeed heading towards a new mobile war. Looks like there will be a star-wars-scale mobile war between Samsung Galaxy series and Apple’s iPhone series. The former is armed with styluses, and the latter has sapphire crystals. May the force be with them both. Oh, I wouln’t be so hasty to forget about other key players in the industry.

Last question: What do you think will happen in the war between Samsung and Apple? Who do you support and why?

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