Foreigner vs Korean Apps: The review of “I Love Coffee”
2014 3월 26

Since 2011, PatiGames has been making Korean Mobile Applications. This is a review of their game I love Coffee. In the game, you serve customers coffee, clean up and even make coffee. It runs kind of like Diner Dash. The concept is actually quite good and it has the potential to be a great game.

The Good

This game has a wonderful graphic interface. It is reminds me of the gameboy interface. The characters move and act in this way.

The graphics are awesome especially for a mobile phone running old gameboy style pokemon graphics.

Like any game, it asks you to create a username to to input your email address and then you get to dress your avatar.

i_love_coffee_pic3 i_love_coffee_pic2

What I like the most about the game is that it is sooo Korean. In the American Game " Diner Dash" the patrons come, eat and leave. However, in this game they come , meet friends, drink coffee, work on the computer , ......and even sleep like they just came back from a night of clubbing and are waiting for the subway. Is this a waste of code...yes. But it gives the game Korean personality.

i_love_coffee_pic8 i_love_coffee_pic10



The Problems

It was too big to download on 3G, I had to use wifi and it took forever. Well longer than a normal mobile application.



For a non-native speakers trying to play the game it was a bit complicated. After the fourth change in the game, I was confused because it started pouring into a coffee cup and the next thing I knew I was making coffee.



Also, there were too many dialogue boxes. It really slowed the game speed down.

i_love_coffee_pic5 i_love_coffee_pic6 i_love_coffee_pic9 i_love_coffee_pic7

When I first started playing I thought turning a chair around was the most useless feature this game could have I mean....what's the point of turning around a chair? It's like a total waste of code and just makes the file bigger. But wait, then I found that you could make the walls of the shop go up or down....if the walls are up, you can't see the tables to see the customers to see if you need to do something so why have the feature?

i_love_coffee_pic4 i_love_coffee_pic13


Overview - 2 stars

Honestly, there are too many steps to the game and because it is too big, it runs too slow. I couldn't emerge myself into the game. Therefore, I did not like it. If they were to cut down on features and make the game simple, it would be so much better.

As I continued to play the game, It occurred to me that it may it want to be a real time coffee shop game but the execution is not so good. ( There are time delays in the coffee making so customers get upset if you don't have their coffee made.)

I give the game 2 stars because any good game can be played by anyone with limited problems. It's too complex to gain any real traction. Maybe instead of implementing all of the features at once, it would have been smarter for the developer to split test the product with users. From the amount of features, I can tell no split testing was done or it was done incorrectly. It's just too much going on in the game, therefore it lacks identity.


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