beSUCCESS 3 Morning Reads [29. May]
2013 5월 29

Howdy world citizens! Here are some morning reads for you today, good-to-go either on a train, a bus, over a cereal bowl (or another bowl, if you know what I mean)... whatever you desire, I supply ya.

It's Wednesday! Keep it up!

Coffee JoltWhatever you do, don't be this guy. Weekend's almost here!

1. Thomas Clayton: Bidding war between Tencent and LINE for Kakao
Great article by Product Manager and Senior Writer at e27, Jacky Yap. A good friend recommended this article last night and it truly is a fantastic article on Asian startups, Line vs Kakao vs a plethora of other messaging apps, and Asia as a mobile first market. As I wrote yesterday, mobile is on the rise. A must read if you want to know what's going on.

2. Twitter #music wants to be the sharing layer for the music subscription web
Twitter’s music app built in secrecy, and apparently they want the app to become the 'sharing layer' for their music subscription services. What's more, "[2013] could be the year that subscriptions go mainstream”.

3. Keen On … Antitrust: Why Startup Entrepreneurs Should Fear Google
Keen in Kiwi lingo means 'eager', which I certainly am for antitrust issues in tech/IT. SV antitrust lawyer, Gary Reback is "intrinsically" anti-Google. Reback headed the US government’s efforts to sue Microsoft in the 90s, giving room for Sergei Brin and Larry Page to - my favourite line - "to take on the leviathan". Politics is critical if we are to enable genuine economic innovation, and the article elaborates on Reback's perspective to “keep clear of Google... [because it has now] become Microsoft”.

Have a good day everyone! Keep a lookout for new articles to be updated throughout the day.


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